My Top Tips For Shopping Skincare


My Top Tips For Shopping Skincare


Tips for Shopping Skincare

ALWAYS get samples.

Not every product will work for everyone, so you’ll want to try out a few different products by sampling them at your local Sephora, Ulta, or department store. This way you will weed out any products that may irritate your skin, before actually purchasing.

Don’t feel bad for returning.

Okay, okay, I KNOW what you’re going to say. YES I worked retail and YES people do abuse the system, but I’m not talking about taking the store for granted.

  • I’m NOT encouraging you to use half the bottle and then return the product. 

  • I’m NOT encouraging you to return the item just because you had second thoughts or buyers’ remorse after you’ve already started using it.  (This is because once you return an open product, the company is losing that money since they will have to discard the item due to sanitary reasons, and that isn’t fair to them, just because you “changed your mind.”)

  • What I AM telling you is that if you did purchase a full-sized skincare product before getting a sample, and it started irritating your skin, or you found out you were allergic to any of its ingredients, please don’t feel bad returning it. 

  • What you SHOULD do, is let the beauty representative know your issue with the product, when you make the return, and see if they are able to give you any recommendations for something that will be better suited for your skin. 

    • The beauty reps at a makeup store, like Sephora or Ulta should all trained in the different skincare lines and should be able to offer you a better suggestion based on your skin type and skincare goals. (However, if a brand vendor is in the store, usually on a weekend, they will be extremely knowledgable about the line they work for, since they attend multiple trainings each year and with every new product introduced in their line.)

Do your research.

  • Check the reviews before buying.

  • Review the product descriptions and preferred skin types for that specific product.

  • Check out one of my favorite resources, Beautypedia. This site helps explain exactly what is in each product and if it really works, or it’s just expensive because of hype, marketing or the brand name.

What are some of your skincare shopping tips? Leave a comment below to share your advice for shopping skincare!

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Do you have any skincare shopping tips and tricks that you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments!

From A, your virtual skincare BFF, I’m signing out!