4 Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Work/Life Balance


4 Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Work/Life Balance


Are you constantly busy?

Does it feel impossible to balance the never-ending piles of paperwork, tasks, and appointments, while you relationship gets pushed down to the bottom of the list?

Whether you work from home, at an office, or as the CEO of a multi-million dollar company, maintaining a work/life balance is always a difficult issue we deal with. When you’re at work, you’re worrying about your home life, and when you’re at home, you’re feeling guilty for not working. 

I decided to make a list of a few tips to help you more easily maintain a work/home life balance.

DO NOT multi-task at work.

Did you know you could finish the same amount of work in 30 hrs (or less) that normally takes you 40 hours to complete? This is because you are multi-tasking, which is not efficient long term. When you’re at work, focus on one task at a time, and complete it before moving onto the next.

  •  When you’re trying to focus on the task at hand, while having 30 tabs open on your browser, and checking your email, during a weekend conversation with your coworker, you aren’t able to complete the one most important task at hand, but instead, you feel like a chicken with it’s head cut off bouncing from one screen to the next, not knowing what you’re doing or why.

  • When each project has a deadline associated with it, do you usually focus only on that project until it’s complete? This will free up 10+hours in your week to spend with your friends or family. Maybe that helps put it into perspective?

DO NOT multi-task at home.

When you are home with friends or family,  don’t spend your quality time with them checking email or texting your coworkers about a project you could’ve discussed at work. Doing this makes your family feel like a second priority, and you won’t be able to get the time back that you wasted talking to a colleague about an “emergency” that we BOTH know is not a life or death situation (unless you’re a doctor, then please, take the call).

DO set a “phone free” time

When you are with loved ones, set aside a time to be “phone free”. This allows you to be truly present with your partner and to enjoy the time you spend together without being distracted by irrelevant issues.

  • When B and I go out to date night, or spend time at home at night, we have a specific time where we leave our phones in the other room and are completely present with each other to give one another our full attention. This allows for each of you to share your day, laugh a bit (or a lot in our case) and really bond on a deeper level, everyday.

DO use your vacation time.

If you have a company that compensates you for vacation days (or even if you don’t) take a vacation with your partner. Whether you are taking a “staycation” together or actually getting out of town, take the time off work to disconnect with the trials and tribulations of office drama, and reconnect and rekindle that fun or intimacy you had when you first started dating.

  • This is when you want to engage in “phone free” time too. 

I hope this helps you more easily navigate a work/home life balance! If you have any tips or tricks you would like to share, please let us all know in the comments!