Why I Paid To Meet My Boyfriend

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Why I Paid To Meet My Boyfriend


Sometimes I look at him and wonder, “How did I get so lucky?”

In addition to being my best friend and partner, B truly is the kindest, most sincere, chivalrous, loving, genuine, supportive, and obscenely hilarious man I’ve ever met and I couldn’t imagine spending my life with another human.


the journey to finally meeting him wasn’t always donuts and rainbows. (Yes, I said donuts because, well, they are DELICIOUS!)

I’ve only had 2 “real” boyfriends in my life, and after my first relationship ended, but before I met B, I was an introverted, independent, work-a-holic, who was addicted to self development and always “trying” to start my own business. I didn’t “need” anyone, and I wasn’t looking for someone to “complete” me because I was great on my own, but I just wanted to find someone I enjoyed being around more than being by myself. (Which is what I compared every date with.)

I’ve NEVER liked dating, and I never understood those girls who would “date for fun,” who were “not looking for anything serious,” because I’d much rather be enjoying my time at home alone, working on my hobbies, or watching Netflix, than dating losers with no relationship potential. BUT, I always put myself out there, because I was intent on finding my “person.”

I was on all the dating apps, going on first date after first date with, what seemed like, countless guys, each of them being more “not my type” than the last.

I would ultimately get into a yearly cycle of swiping and dating for 5 months, then being “over it” for a couple months, and then getting back in the game…and repeating the process for years…yes, YEARS. 

I finally realized, after countless dates and horrible (sometimes married) men, looking for either hook-ups or “to see what’s out there,” I needed to find a man who was looking for something more serious; a man who had something INVESTED in his dating life.

So, I joined Match.comImmediately, I noticed that the guys on Match seemed to be looking for more than just a fling,because if a guy is willing to put money down on something, he’s likely more serious about it.

A couple months passed, and I’d had it. After several more awful dates, I texted my next date, 3 hours before our scheduled first date, and told him I was cough-cough sick. I was ready to call it quits.

To my surprise, this guy (who I’d never talked with on the phone) called me and left me a voicemail, but not just any voicemail…he said he hoped I was feeling okay, he said he would like to reschedule, but only if I wanted to, and that he understood if my real reason for cancelling, was because I was just not interested in meeting him. It was honestly, the sweetest voicemail I’d ever received from a date, let alone a date I’d never met in person before.

So, I obviously felt like a bitch. I texted him back, letting him know I would like to reschedule…so we rescheduled for a week later.

I remember waiting in that coffee shop with my hair done, cute outfit on, and makeup on point. I got there early, so I bought myself a coffee and found a seat. (Obviously I didn’t let him pay, I didn’t know him yet, and I didn’t want to OWE anyone anything.)

So, I’m sitting there, coffee in hand…5 minutes go by…8 minutes go by…and right at about 10 minutes later, I get a phone call.

Of freaking COURSE, he’s OBVIOUSLY standing me up because I cancelled on our previous date.

Nope, he was at the wrong place and had no idea where I was. He showed up to the coffee shop 15 minutes after the call.

  • I still remember him walking into that coffee shop.

  • I still remember the magnetic smile on his face.

  • I still remember the nervousness coursing through my body when I hugged him.

…like it was yesterday.

Two years later, B and I are still together. He is the weirdest person I know, and we couldn’t fit together any more perfectly.

So, long story short, ditch the swiping apps (unless you’re looking for a hook-up, then Girl, you do you!).

But, if you’re looking for a serious relationship, I highly recommend Match.com, because you will be meeting other people who are truly invested in finding their partner…literally financially invested.

I have to tell you, B is honestly the best thing that’s EVER happened to me, and although we lived only 10 miles away from each other, we NEVER would have met in person if we hadn’t been on Match.

I just wish everyone could find their “person.”

Have you met your “person” yet?

If yes, what is your “how we met” story?

If no, what are you doing to put yourself out there?

Let me know in the comments!