Do You Have A Mental Illness?


Do You Have A Mental Illness?


I'm here to tell you, your emotions are valid. HOWEVER, how you're feeling right now, and how you're processing life, may not be healthy.

I’ve been there.

Prior to 6 months ago, I was the type of person who would avoid the doctor like the plague (even if I had the plague).

Seriously, unless I was dying, I wouldn't go to the doctor (or urgent care, I should say, because although I’d had health insurance for the past decade, I’d never bothered to find a GP of my own).

I’ve always been very healthy physically (knock on wood) so I never thought anything of it, until my brain got progressively worse. Either, I couldn’t focus on anything, or I was overwhelmingly consumed with a project that I couldn’t tear myself away from, even to eat (and I freaking love to eat).

My mood was all over the place, I was always irritable, and my boyfriend finally urged me to find a doctor and make the appointment. UGHHHHH SO MUCH EFFORT, I thought reluctantly. 😩I ultimately found a doctor and made an appointment (a good 3 months after B suggested it), and by then my symptoms just kept getting worse, so I knew I had to do something.

When I finally met with the doctor, I explained to her ALL my symptoms, and she referred me to a mental health specialist.

I've now been seeing my psychiatrist regularly for the past 6 months, and I never would have imagined that my symptoms stacked together may have been anything more than just elevated hormones and a lack of focus.

And I NEVER could have imagined, 6 months ago, what it would truly feel like to be "normal."

PLEASE, please if you feel like your emotions, brain, or headspace have the better of you, go see a doctor. Doctors are not just for broken bones or surgery. Mental health is a serious issue that you have to deal with every day, by yourself. Get help. You deserve it. 😘