Is Your Mental Health More Important Than Your Job?




Here I am.

It’s Monday morning, I’m 20 mins late for work, my water bottle is completely empty, I’m praying to God I left my laptop at work (since I couldn’t find it at home), and I didn’t brush my hair before leaving the house, but you know what?


If this had been my morning 7 years ago, I probably would have been stressed beyond repair, I may have started crying from the overwhelm, and I could have mentally AND physically shut down, resulting in a panic attack.

7 years ago, I made everyone else’s problems my priority.
7 years ago, I thought my job was far superior to my personal life, my relationships and my health.

I still vividly remember standing on the NYC subway platform this particular morning. There was some sort of issue on the tracks, so the subway was running late, meaning I was going to be late…and all I could think of was, “I’d rather die, than clock in late and be reprimanded by my boss.” I felt my chest tighten as my breathing sped up, and I LITERALLY fell to my knees and started having a panic attack, on the platform. I was to the point of stress and exhaustion where I didn’t even care if someone stole my purse, now laying face down on the ground.

But the saddest part was that all of the craziness, all of the stress, all of the overwhelming lack of control, was because I would have been 15 minutes late to work! How messed up is that?! 

You’d think at that point I would realize that a job, I KNEW I wouldn’t be in long term, was not worth the constant worry, but no matter what anyone told me, nothing seemed to really “click,” about balancing my work life and health.

But one day, years later, my mom told me what one of her friends said, “it’s not hearts and livers,” and you know what? It’s completely true.

YES, work matters.

YES, your job is important.

YES you should be punctual.

But if something comes up, whether it’s out of your control, or not, worrying about it is NOT going to change the fact that you are running late, or missed a deadline. Because, you know what?

You’re NOT A DOCTOR. You are NOT saving lives. You are working a job where you needed to meet deadlines, but what’s the WORST that could happen? You finish a few hours later, maybe a day of two later? Do you know what you’re going to solve by beating yourself up, stressing out, or panicking? 


Stressing about something that’s already beyond your control does NOTHING to help the situation, so be like Elsa and “Let it Go!”

A few hours to a few days longer than expected, to complete a project is NOT worth your sanity or your mental health. 

Be the best employee, manager, owner or CEO you can be, but if, for some reason, things don’t go as expected, just remember,

It’s not hearts and livers.